Hard work and dedication.

Fidalgo Island became my home in 1981 when I enrolled in the Anacortes School District, gained an education, and graduated high school in 1990. One Saturday, my father introduced me to Cap Sante Marina’s B-Dock parking lot where I met Willy Colvin. I was told I would be leaving in just two weeks to fish Alaskan waters. I was at a lack of words in that moment, not realizing this opportunity would segue into my passion of commercial fishing. I fished off commercial vessels the last two years of high school and continued to do so for several years during the summer months while working at an automotive store in the winter.

I learned to be self-reliant, becoming independent as a young man and supporting myself by working amongst Cap Sante Marina’s commercial fishing fleet. The Port of Anacortes houses the marine industry that always supplied the opportunities to create a livelihood for myself & my son, and has forever hooked my heart. For over 30 years, I have been immensely blessed to navigate the San Juan Islands, both recreationally and commercially.

In 2005, I decided to exercise my business mindset and explore the fulfillment of another demand in our community by starting an excavation company that is still running today.

I have served on the Marina Advisory Committee since 2014 and sat as chairman for several years. After many years of diligent dedication to our community through maritime committees, I was finally chosen to serve the commission. I care deeply for the history and longevity of Anacortes’ marine trades. Preservation of commercial maritime businesses while navigating waters of the evolving Fidalgo Island community is paramount. I take great pride in representing our Anacortes community and marine trades as a mariner, resident and businessman.

In the spring of 2014, during a business meeting at a well-known local seafood restaurant, I was asked what my choice career would be. With a perfect view of Cap Sante Marina, I saw a fishing boat named “Comet” pulling into a commercial slip – THAT was what I wanted to do. My client inquired what was holding me back from pursuing this path. At that moment, I realized my next journey was launching myself toward commercial crabbing. After a few boat purchase attempts fell through, I decided to build my own crabbing vessel that same year. I was able to get my hands on molds, and four months later the “Dillon B” was born. I set out to fish local waters for Dungeness crab and provide opportunities for others to enjoy this experience with me.

Fast forward to 2020 while I worked on Henry Island. I immediately found that getting barges to deliver necessary supplies was terribly inefficient or nearly impossible. I called on resources for information, resulting in the start of my pursuit to own a local maritime freight company.  Before the year’s end, I had signed the paperwork to purchase San Juan Marine Freight. I have doubled my fleet as of January 2023, with two barges to serve the San Juan Islands. With these valuable resources, I assist as emergency support for the Anacortes Police Department and support for Guemes Island Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

When elected, I will work hard to uphold the Port Mission Statement:

“In partnership with public agencies and private businesses, develop and manage facilities and services which stimulate private job creation and commerce, while protecting the quality of life, needs and desires of area residents.” 

Hard work and dedication are all I know. If you desire something deeply, hard work will get it every time.