I became responsible for myself at the young age of 14. This early independence came with massive learning opportunities. Many lessons were often trial and error, with no experience being a waste, as I was always absorbing knowledge along the way. My inspiration of holding to my core values was instilled in me by my grandmother, a vital role model in my life. I was lucky to have some amazing mentors starting at a young age. One was a hard-working longshoreman that helped instill a deep work ethic within me. Another was a businessman who taught me principles of business management, basic accounting, business communications, principles of marketing, personal finance, entrepreneurship and the art of negotiating. Having been self-employed for over half of my lifetime and owning successful businesses to this day, I attribute my success to the standards my grandmother planted within me, the values I have held and to my unwavering work ethic.

  • Compassion

    Genuinely care about the Port of Anacortes and all its constituents. The success of the Port reverberates through the entire community, making my attention to the accomplishments of the Port larger than just my personal interest. 

  • Accountability

    Responsible for my interactions, conversations and efforts to obtain results. My promises made hold value. I expect myself and the Port of Anacortes to stay true to their word. 

  • Integrity

    Own and operate businesses locally that support our town’s economy, neighbors, friends and colleagues. I build trust by being trustworthy. I nurture honest relationships, being a resident of Anacortes that can be depended upon. 

  • Teamwork

    Although we may all achieve success individually, when we join efforts toward the achievement of a common goal, better outcome is possible through collaboration.  

  • Unity

    Each unique individual brings valuable perspective as we choose to work together with an open mind to reach success collectively.  

  • Long Term View

    The present is always temporary and ever-changing. It is imperative we look to the future, always planning next steps and setting new goals, in order to deliver forthcoming value. 

  • Responsiveness

    Will not shy away from engaging in conversation. I challenge existing situations objectively, focusing on productive resolutions with the purpose of success within our community.

  • Simplicity

    Often, less is more. I am a firm believer in keeping things less complicated in order to capitalize on efficiency.  

  • Innovational

    How often have we heard, “It was always done this way”? An effective way of executing a task in the past may not be the best approach in the future. I encourage thoughtful, creative and inspirational ideas.